The automotive industry

Othua offers complete or specific solutions for the automation and optimization of production lines in the automotive sector, from engineering and design to manufacturing, including integration, installation and process optimization.

Production line tools and equipment are custom-fitted and manufactured in our/your workshops, then installed on site for the customer.


Our achievements
  • Automation of the body assembly line: Renault, PSA, Volvo, Renault Trucks, Tower, Nissan
  • Automation of the painting line : Renault, Volvo Trucks, PSA
  • Automation of the maintenance line: Renault, PSA
  • Automation of welding line: PSA
  • Stamping: Renault
  • Exhaust: Renault ACI, Renault Dacia
  • Installation of an automated cell for the manufacturing of cylinder heads: Montupet
  • Installation of a collaborative automated cell: Valeo, Renault