What we do

Turnkey automated production lines

Othua offers turnkey solutions for your automated production lines.

Othua has set up quality processes and procedures, which have been tested in-house, as well as a Share Point site to track data throughout the project.

Othua provides advice and support for the improvement, optimization and automation of your production lines.

Othua works in various industrial sectors.

Othua works in various industrial sectors.

To do so, we analyse your existing architecture and desired flows; then, we write project specifications, conduct a feasibility study, modelling and simulation. We undertake the programming and produce the technical documentation. In certain cases, we implement on site programming standards for our customers.

We use a Simultaneous Engineering approach.


Based on the analysis of your requirements, Othua assembles the electrical equipment boxes to house the automated systems that drive the operation of your facilities.

We build your control panels and your pneumatic and hydraulic control sets.

All of our factories have the necessary resources to meet your needs.

According to your budget and time constraints, we manufacture your products in our factories in France or abroad.

Othua ensures the installation and integration of automated systems at your production sites.

Once our electricians and pipe fitters connect the equipment to the automation box, the control engineer and/or the robotics engineer who conceived the program activate the installation.

We can offer guaranteed technical support for the installation over several years, as well as training for the control and maintenance operators. Othua is an approved training organization.

We can come to your facilities, your clients' or your subcontractors', to perform the location, provisioning, wiring, piping, testing and validation.